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byebye bonds and hello ccta

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An email conversation with my favourite In-Branch Treasury Sales Officers (IB TSOs).


Dear cute people,
After I send out reporting at 12pm today, I will no longer do bonds.
Be moving on to CCTA so take care and do not act cute cause other people will not tolerate late deals!
Thanks for supporting me these few months and I do enjoy talking to you a lot a lot!
PS: Pls do not go around telling others that I told you this cause I don’t want them to know that we are close enough for me to share news with you 😀

Wyman Lim:
Why mavis why? Don’t go…….. =p

Vincent Lam:
I will Lao BaK Sai if you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marvyn Toon:
How could you??? Alvin (the Care Bear) & us will miss you!!!
Ok, to show our support we will open more CCTA accounts…

Yea lo, mr carebear on training today..he still doesn’t know yet until he sees this email(s) haha.

Alvin Ong:
Haah I m reading it (carebear here) la via kaile’s email… wa now I need to develop new r/s sian leh… can help us sweet talk to sacha leh as ur parting gift

Victor Phua:
We’ll tell the whole world then

Victor you never fail to irritate me. You get commission based on how irritated I am issit.

Victor Phua:
Yup, cause my commission got cut, so boh-bian, have to earn $$$ elsewhere

Bryan Lau:
How will we survive without you?
Must value T+10 liao!
All the best to ya, anyway I believe will be talking to you quite a bit in your new role too. : )

My colleagues must be thinking why im laughing alone in front of my comp!!!

Vincent Lam:
We wish you all the Best in CCTA = Confirm Chase TSO Always!

Victor Phua:
Vinceberg Houseview Consolidates – cut your crap lah….we had enough already a year back…

HAHAHA victor must be so fierce mah

Victor Phua:
Vincent likes it rough…


Vincent Lam:
So who is the new gal or guy who will be pestered by us from next week…?

Sacha Khooooooo!

Vincent Lam:
Wa! I never spoke to Sacha before man!

Eugene Tham:
Feels like talking to a bag

Huh why bag?
Katy Perry ah. Her first sentence in the song ‘Fireworks’ is ‘Do you ever feel, like a paper bag.’

Eugene Tham:
Sacha sounds like a bag brand mah hahah

Ya! This Mr Lam says my name sounds like Seng Siong! PI GU!

Eugene Tham:
Very easy, don’t process his ccta accounts lor hahahah

Daniel Lee:
Congrats Mavis on ur promotion, CCTA involves MT & IB TSOs, so more people 2 chase!
Gonna miss the 12pm datelines……………..
Let’s hope Sacha as understanding as U.


Daniel, you are forever such a sweet talker and understanding guy, so glad to be ur colleague ❤

Eugene Tham:
The 12pm datelines are still there just different people chasing hahaha

Wyman Lim:
But 1 person chasing remains the SAME! Perm Sec appt!

Daniel Lee:
I meant Mavis, going to miss the 12pm cutoff action times.
Looks like Alvin got new partner in crime!

Haha yea!
Alvin must build new friendship with sacha and ignore me alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ):

Wyman Lim:
Who ask u to fly aeroplane and be Best in CCTA ?


Im gona miss doing bonds and chasing these silly boys. ):


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March 25, 2011 at 10:51 pm

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