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I will blog about the wonderful wedding I was part of as soon as photos are up on fb!

But before I do,

I received this by hand today!


On another note,
after receiving the bond blotter sent out on Friday,
we know month end is coming cause we see the frightening numbers.

From: Lye, Mavis
Is it necessary to kill me this way?!

From: Lam, V1
Thanks la SIS!
I know you sure fainted.
We will ensure perfect docs!

From: Tham, E
We already died today hahaha

From: Lye, Mavis
You all died but im only 1 person! D..:
1 Mavis VS 5000 TSOs!

From: Tham, E
Remember the show 300? Its not the quantity but quality that counts! You the best!

From: Phua, V
Yes, we all just want to kill you.

From: Lye, Mavis
): I knew it. You guys are evil. Especially V..

From: Tham, E
Don’t judge all bamboo based on 1 bamboo lah

From: Lye, Mavis

These silly TSO boys make my day, everyday.


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October 18, 2010 at 11:23 pm

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