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MANYMANYMANY x 10000000000000000 thanks =)
That comes with 12 x beer
Claimable with this email printed 😛

….sure or not.
You would have forgotten by tomorrow.

Wahahah =)
Print out the email la, then can come claim
*chants* Will buy will buy will buy

Bluff one lor. Many people tell me that they will buy me a drink after I help. NONE remembered. NONE.

Hello Miss Lye?


Suntec, BEER =)
In 35 mins

For real?

Real la, what’s your mobile?
I meet you outside carrefour, say 8.40

Its really ok la!



Though you seemed so full of yourself
At least you kept your word.

My whole team was bewildered when this card emerged from the pouches today.

My team leader asked “Is he trying to woo you?”


Goodbye, you.


Written by elittlegiant

June 15, 2010 at 10:51 pm

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