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He’s from vivo.

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Phone rings.

Mavis: Hi, Mavis speaking.
TF: Hi, who is this again?
Mavis: Mavis.
TF: Mavis! SIGH.
Mavis: Why?
TF: SIGH. Is it a good time to talk now?
Mavis: Did you check with your fengshui master?
TF: SIGH. Im feng-sway lor!

Mavis: Ok, what happened? Product?
TF: SIGH. Why keep on repairing my PA? The other time we received the repair email, we got the CM to do a VC already, why repair again? I checked and checked already!

Mavis: Oei. Calm down can? Im also working for a living leh!
TF: Haha, sorry sorry! Too aggressive liao huh! Miss Princess, kindly check what is wrong with my PA please?
Mavis: Haha..ok, blah blah.

TF: (Insert about 2 jokes here)
Mavis: Go away la!
TF: Im very far away already! Im at Vivo leh! How far you want me to go?
Mavis: Did you go to Universal Studios?

TF: …

Mavis: Haha! Ok, you do the necessary, then drop us an email, we will process it la!
TF: Okok, I do it now!
Mavis: Byebye!
TF: Bye!!


Thank you Charmaine ♥


Written by elittlegiant

June 4, 2010 at 11:06 pm

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