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Doggy didnt bite.

We settled the joint acc holders’ short name
and they thought we had magic fingers.

Im not Macdonalds

And yes, I will remember your number by heart.


Hi W,
Citiplanner does not cut nor concatenate any reln title. It takes handoff from RM. I do not think that the authorizers auth your deals based on reln title. Instead the more important thing here is you choose the right reln when doing your input.
S / S, pls correct me if I’m wrong. Believe your team will check reln no instead of just relying on reln title?

Hi all,
I have spoken to frontliner, and he has changed the short name from a single to a joint acc name,
Thus, this has been solved.


C just walked over to ask me about this again, they were having a conf call and wondered how you worked that magic!!

And did u share with them how u TAUGHT me so 😛
Actually u noe u shud tell them u liaise w me to resolve this issue and they will definitely praise u out of the orthodox problem solving. UR APPRAISAL WILL BE GOOOOOD GOOOOD

I didn’t la..haha. Im quite friend-friend with C, don’t need to show off. Heh heh. >: )
I thought you were off for the sales rally?

Hahahaha! It’s a seminar my dear not sales rally 😛
And iam so glad my customer pangseh me so I dun haf to go down all the way.
Wah wah wah nt bad lei, we both problem solve tgt geniuses hor.

Not that bad a reason to be pangseh-ed. (:
I just graduated from counseling. One RM nearly vented her anger over the phone.
We should reward ourselves by drinking slurpee till our brains freeze!!!

Aiyos. It seems like those who always lose their cool, are the FEMALES. 😀
I have nvr actually tried brain freezing myself to such extent 😛
Its so quiet in my office now, so peaceful

So what are you tryin to say now huh. 😛
I go and edit your short name back to the single name ah!

HAHAHA! Why I can’t find your accounts in Citi’s directory huh.
U dun haf citi account huh?
I go edit ur short name to I love blangadeshi

I don’t love them! >:O

I wanna find it ):

You going off?
Im getting ready to run!


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May 19, 2010 at 9:51 pm

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