my God is greater my God is over all

He is always in disguise.

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It was a rough start to 2010.

An invinsible weight was placed on my shoulders,
and I wasnt prepared nor did I see it coming.

So I guess this kinda sums up what ever happened since January.

Everyday was a torture.
With so many thoughts, sometimes I lose track of what Im worried about.

Everything happened in a flash,
and I bet many dont even know I resigned from my position.

I handed in my letter,
but my boss returned it to me even before I could lay it down on his desk.

You know,
no matter where we go,
even when I thought the Holy Spirit cant get into the walls of Millenia Tower,
that God cant see me cause the many levels of Millenia Tower are too thick and blocking His view,
(I mean like, how far is heaven from level 12?!)

Oh man, we are so wrong.

Not only did I get to keep my job (and the ka-ching),
I get to move on to another position, and it starts on 15 March!

That is only 1 portion worth to be happy about.

The other portion is, God didnt deny me of another chance to prosper financially.
He kept my financial inflow safe so that I can give to the Building Fund,
so that I can be blessed.

How awesome!

He’s always in disguise,
but then again,
we are too consumed with ourselves to see His Hand and Love for us, individually.

So yea, things are looking good.


Written by elittlegiant

February 28, 2010 at 3:29 pm

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