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Refresh 20-22 Sep 2009

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It was alittle rushed while preparing for this adult camp,
not knowing whats going to happen,
no one to ask for whats gona be in store.

1 leen me haze

But I was prepared,
prepared to laugh with the friends I love,
prepared to break away from work.

2 little misses

But one thing that slipped my mind,
was to be prepared to meet God in a special way.

I was thinking that its normal to receive God with a big bang,
or like a huge meaty Word that was gona slam right in my face.

But, nope.

He taught me something in such a subtle way,
but it brewed the different spectrums of my emotions
into a lesson learnt,
a character expanded in me.

3 morning session

I learnt to love and accept people who literally whacked me physically
and hurt me emotionally.

4 make up

The first sermon that Pst Zhuang preached was on
The Second Touch
that we should go beyond wanting only touches,
or be satisfied with the first touch we had the first time we knew God,
but to be changed.
Our lives should not stay at the first touch, but to be changed by God.
but I didnt exactly feel that the Word was from me.

After SOT,
there are almost close to no chances of morning praise & worship sessions, with preaching and ministry time.
Not including churchwide morning pm cause Im hardly awake.

But this was a bring-back moment for me,
on the second and third day.

5 swim swim swim

This is what I told God in Monday’s session.

“Thank You for giving me life
Thank You for giving me a God to love

Take this as my vow
that no matter what I do
Its no longer for myself
because You gave me life
and I shouldnt fight for it cause it doesnt belong to me.

I will not reject nor suspect
But I will trust You, I will wait on You.

This life is no longer my own
And I pledge to wait on You and serve You all the days of my life

Thank You for loving me
But thank You more for giving me a chance to love You.”

6 new friends

Right after I made my vow,
I felt the presence of God swarm all over me

I cried and I cried
Because I know God heard me
deep in my heart
He really heard it from the depths of my heart.

I felt comfort and peace come into my heart
that this waiting period, like what Pst preached
was for my character to be moulded,
if not,
I would have never been humbled
and see the hand of God moving in my life.

7 byebye

Friends are important,
not only for companionship,
but for spiritual guidance and comfort.

Knowing that the friends you love are willing to go on their knees for the same God that you bow down to
is the most amazing feeling in the world.

8 yes

I think Pst might think that we have been stalking him the entire trip!

He called me chunmei and I laughed.
Both he and Haze asked me why I had that reaction.

Hmm, haha.
Maybe I just feel tickled that Pst called me by my name!
I felt a sudden rush!

If God really calls me by my name out loud,
I think I would have exploded into smitherins.

9 pst zhuang

So at the end of the day,
other than non stop laughter with haze
and the talk leen and I had in our room,

other than taking time off singapore
and off work,

other then being able to talk to Pst Zhuang
and trick him that Jolin’s earl grey tea was cognac,

I think I have fallen in love with Abba all over again.


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September 22, 2009 at 10:23 pm

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  1. I super love this entry! hahaha Awesome trip and great great company with you girls!


    September 28, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    • yea i really think of those times so much.
      i have withdrawal symptoms..


      October 4, 2009 at 1:56 am

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