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Separate, then Fill

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Jason and I were talking over the phone about
ministry and leadership.

Then I heard God ask,
“Will you be my hands?”

I think its about time
I stop being in the whirlwind
step out and
do something about it.

Jason reminded me of what Pst Tan shared
about looking at the pencil, not as a rectangle or a circle, but as a whole.
God looks at the entire situation at 1 glance
but we, look at it through our natural eyes, at 1 dimension only.

And remember Gen 1?
God created Light and Darkness on Day1, and filled it with Sun Moon Stars on Day4,
Sky and Waters on Day2, and filled it with Birds and Fish on Day5,
Land and Seas on Day3, and filled it with Animals and Humans on Day6.

God separates, then fills.
God separates with bad news, then fills it with good news.

I am going to take active actions this time.


Written by elittlegiant

January 5, 2009 at 12:14 am

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